The Hybrid Books – about mermaids, myths and hidden treasures

Australian books for preteen children – where reality and myths collide…   Daniera and Zibby the Mermaids

There is so much to be treasured in this world and much of it is hidden from humankind.

Kirsten McGee is a Hybrid – half human, half mermaid. But it’s a secret that even she doesn’t know until the truth about her family history surfaces during a beach holiday with her Aunt and 10 year old brother, Jeremy.

Inheriting her mother’s huge feet may not be a curse after all!

The Greek Myths form a basis for these adventure fantasy stories. When one of the descendants of Pegasus joins forces with the Australian farm kids, they are transported into a world of mystery and adventure.

Told over two full length novels for pre-teens, The Hybrid series is a modern day mermaid tale destined to inspire children to look beyond their limitations. Some have described them “among the best books for 10 year old girls” especially for those who love horses, mermaids and intelligent heroines.

The Hybrid and the Lost Tails of Mermirran

Children's book - The Hybrid and the Lost Tails of Mermirran
First book in the series – dive in and take a peek

Without her mother around, Kirsten McGee has no idea whether big feet run in the family or if she’s just a freak.

When she’s asked to look after a magnificent white horse, she discovers that things are not always what they seem. Merri the Pegalucian (a descendant of Pegasus) becomes an important guide for one of the most important tasks she’ll ever have to complete… to find out what happened to her fisherman Grandfather who has been missing at sea for nearly a year.

During a beach holiday at Grandpa’s seaside cottage, she learns the truth about her family – and that she is a hybrid – part human, part mermaid.

Along with her gadget-loving ten year old brother, Jeremy, Kirsten travels to the deep sea city of Mermirran to meet their mermaid Grandmother. They befriend a playful young mermaid named Zibby who escorts them to Mermirran and explains how the thermal heat from its extinct crater home is becoming unbearable. Something is causing the sea temperature to rise and the kelp crops and fish are diminishing.

However, when the children meet the members of the mermaid Elder Council they find out that their Grandmother disappeared at the same time as their Grandpa went missing  – along with a treasured relic that safeguards the city of Mermirran. Is their Grandmother a jewel thief? And what has happened to Grandpa? The children must now embark on a quest to find their grandparents and save the crater from volcanic eruption.

The Hybrid and the Emeralds of Elisar

Book Two - a chilly tale of adventure, bravery and clever thinking.
A chilly tale of adventure, bravery and clever thinking.

Now living at the seaside town of Peach Bay, Kirsten is finally allowed back in the water. She is anxious to go back to Mermirran to visit her grandmother, Riahma.

The children take a tour of the heritage vaults with Riahma and learn about the magical properties of the mermaid’s gemstones. There is one gemstone, a huge emerald, set in a gold bracelet that becomes Kirsten’s the clue for Kirsten’s next task. The Elder Council plead her to help them find the missing Crown Prince of Elisar – it was the same task her mother had died trying to complete.

This time, however, the children are aware of the dangers as they head toward the glacier slopes of New Zealand. But what they don’t know is, that while they are hunting for the prince, they too are being hunted. It’s a chilling task as the children face blizzard conditions to search the ice caves and dig for the truth of what really happened to their mother. But they dig up much, much more than they bargained for.


New arrival!

Just Released:

Forgetful Gran’s Muddle Rhymes – served with a spoonful of nonsense

Have you ever wondered what would happen if the old traditional Nursery Rhymes lost their way through the failing memory of a 103 year old Grandma?

Forgetful Gran is a delightful old soul who loves telling her favourite rhymes, but she’s distorted them into a collection of silly, and sometimes a little bit naughty, muddle rhymes.

Place your order to receive this colourful ‘laugh out loud’ book for children.  Suitable for ages 3 to 103, it’s bound to bring the pleasure back into storytime with your children or grandchildren.


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  1. Hi its Stella Starkey from the Echuca Moama market and I just wanted to say hi and that I love your site and i also hope to soon buy one of your books!!!
    Sincerely~ Stella <3

    • Hi Stella,

      So lovely to hear from you! It was great chatting with you and your Mum at the Moama market.
      I do hope to get back there soon – most probably around Easter.
      Thank you for checking out my website and contacting me.

      Keep on daydreaming!
      Suellen Drysdale

  2. And i was also wondering when you were coming back to the Echuca Moama market 🙂

    • So long as the Easter Bunny doesn’t object, I’ll be there Easter Sunday.
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  3. I just love the visual panorama, adventurous journey and evolving relationships between the various worlds uncovered in these books. I would love to see a thoughtful, photogenic cinematic of the two books. These books are great, not just for pre-teens, but everyone. They are witty, energetic, imaginative and I would love to see them in film.

    • Thank you Ruth,
      That is my dream – to see them on the big screen. Although my budget is a little limited for this at the moment … let’s hope that James Cameron or Peter Jackson get hold of a copy of the book so they can bring the dream to life!!!
      So glad you enjoyed them. 🙂

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